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Mao's New Suit
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Mao's New Suit


Mao's New SuitFor decades people in China modelled themselves on Chairman Mao who wore a simple worker's outfit in blue or grey. It was known as the 'Mao Suit'. To wear anything different meant that you stood out - and in China any sign of independent thought has always been dangerous.
But China's door has opened and the next generation has emerged seeking an individual identity separate from the State.
'Young people are definitely not like their parents. They prefer to make money, do business and advance their career. They will not sacrifice their life and personal ideals for politics. Those days are gone. People aren't like that anymore'. GUO PEI

MAO'S NEW SUIT charts the course of Beijing fashion designers SUN JIAN and GUO PEI amidst the staging of their first designer collection in Shanghai's annual 'FASHION WEEK'.
Both were born during the cultural revolution - a time when the only colours were blue and grey and to look fashionable was decadent. Today armed with mobile phones and ambitious humour, they are a symbol of modern China's 'to get rich is glorious' generation.
Guo Pei and Sun Jian are aiming for international success. Both have chosen different paths to get there. Guo Pei designs for China's mass market whilst Sun Jian works for herself and does 'image design' for individuals.
The film begins with Guo Pei making a journey to Inner Mongolia to buy fabric. Her boss arrives unexpectedly to check on her. While she attempts to save face, back in Beijing her best friend Sun Jian is busy doing 'image design' on conservative Chinese couples.
Both designers decide to join forces and set off for Shanghai, China's fashion capital, hoping to attract media attention and crack the international circuit. But upon arrival they discover their fashion show venue is far out of town and plagued by problems. The catwalk is too short; the slide projector won't work; and the student models are afraid to wear the designer's bold and sexy clothes!
But the show must go on ...
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