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Dolphin Mania
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Dolphin Mania

Type the phrase 'swim with dolphins' into an Internet search engine and you will pull up a screen full of tour sites, from one side of the world to the other, inviting you to frolic with wild dolphins in their watery realms. The popularity of these programs attests to the fascination humans have with these playful mammals that have an intelligence thought to be on a par primates. But unfortunately there has been little scientific research into the impact on wild dolphins of repeated close encounters with humans.
DolphinMania looks at this issue from the perspective of dolphin tour operators in a small coastal Victorian town.
DONNA MAEGRAITH, The Australian 27/12/01
The Peninsula township of Sorrento is one of the few places in the world where people can swim with wild dolphins. But dolphin-based tourism is threatening to divide the community. Laws govern the industry but as Sally Ingleton's pretty and provocative documentary point out, operators are left to self regulate. Tourists expect to see animals on demand…Until we know more, documentaries like DolphinMania are perhaps as close as we should get to these splendid animals.
BARBARA HOOKS, The Age 27/12/01
Producer Sally Ingleton steers her craft into some choppy seas around the Victorian ton of Sorrento. She looks at the dilemmas now faced by boat tour operators licensed to take tourists out in the Bay to swim there with wild dolphins.
Sunday Age 23/12/01
Dolphins have an almost magical attraction, with many people claiming that a close encounter with them is a life changing experience. But what about the poor marine mammals themselves? There's concern about their welfare in many spots around Australia where swimming with dolphins or hand feeding them is a tourist drawcard. This special looks at the issues from the perspective of dolphin tour operators in a small coastal Victorian town.
Courier Mail 29/12/01
This documentary looks at the issues surrounding the dolphin tours operating out of Sorrento. Over a period of years, the two main operators have built up a relationship of coexistence and mutual respect with a pod of dolphins, allowing their paying customers to hop in the water with the mammals. But although regulations are in place to protect the dolphins, we soon discover the only ones policing them are the tour operators.
Sunday Herald Sun 23/12/01

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