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Dolphin Mania
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Dolphin Mania

The Dolphin Research Institute has an informative web site about the dolphins in Port Phillip Bay, plus lots of ways you can help them:
Polperro Dolphin Swims, who appear in the documentary, have a web site where you can send messages to the crew, and hear about their latest adventures and campaigns:
Moonraker Charters, who also appear in the documentary, have a web site too:
The Department of Conservation and Land Management, who control the permits for the Monkey Mia Visitor centre, have a web site which will tell you about the dolphins that come in to be fed at Monkey Mia in WA:
Also see:
At the Tangalooma Wild Dolphin Resort in Moreton Bay, just near Brisbane, tourists can come to feed the dolphins at dusk. This is carefully controlled by rangers and administered under a special permit. They have an educational web site where you can learn about the dolphins that visit the resort. There are also suggestions for school projects:
The Dolphin Discovery Centre is run by a group of dedicated volunteers in the small city of Bunbury, south of Perth in Western Australia. Visitors can swim and snorkel here with the dolphins of Koombana Bay, but are not allowed to touch, chase or feed them:
Check the recreation and tourism section of the Department of Natural Resources and Environment, Victoria and search under ' dolphins' to see what you can learn:
From marine diversity to ocean facts or whale spotting in Australia, this site provides loads of information on Australia’s marine environment:
Seaworld is a large marine theme park on the Gold Coast where dolphins are trained to perform for tourists and it is possible to touch dolphins in captivity:
The Dolphin Society is based in Sydney Harbour and runs dolphin encounters for all groups at Port Stephens, NSW. The Society aims to promote protection of the dolphins as well as their potential for healing many human ailments:
International Dolphin Watch is a UK-based international dolphin conservation movement founded by Dr Horace Dobbs. International Dolphin Watch is a non-profi t organization dedicated to the study and care of dolphins, especially their relationship with humans:
Internet Sites Related to Dolphin Assisted Therapy Try entering the words 'dolphin assisted therapy' into your search engine and see how many sites come up. Most of them are in the USA, but see how many other countries are now promoting dolphins for healing. Explore.
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Dolphin Mania
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