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Welcome 2 my deaf world
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Welcome 2 my deaf world

Deaf Contacts
Victorian College for the Deaf
597 St. Kilda Road
Melbourne, VIC 3004
tel: (03) 9510 1706
tty: (03) 9510 9294
fax: (03) 9510 9229
Deaf Children Australia
597 St Kilda Road,
Melbourne, VIC 3004
PO Box 6466,
St Kilda Road Central,
Melbourne, VIC 8008
tel: +61 3 9539 5300
fax: +61 3 9525 2595
Better Hearing Australia Vic Inc
5 High Street
tel: +613 9510-1577
tty: +613 9510-3499
fax: +613 9510-6076
Level 4, 340 Albert St
East Melbourne 3002
tel: 03 9473 1111
tty: 03 9473 1199
fax: 03 9473 1122
South Australian Deaf Society
262 South Terrace
Adelaide SA 5000
tel: 08 8223 3335
tty: 08 8223 6530
fax: 08 8232 2217
Western Australian Deaf Society
16 Brentham Street, Leederville WA 6007
tel: 08 9441 2677
tty: 08 9441 2655
fax: 08 9444 3592
Queensland Deaf Society
Queensland Deaf Society (Head Office)
34 Davidson Street
Newmarket Qld 4051
tel/tty: 07 3356 8255
fax: 07 3356 1331
Tasmanian Deaf Society
59 Cadbury Road, Claremont 7011
tel:(03) 6249 5144
tty: (03) 6249 1174
fax: (03) 6249 8818
NSW Deaf Society
Suite 401, Level 4
Macquarie House
169 Macquarie Street
Parramatta 2150
tel: (02) 9893 8555
tty: (02) 9893 8858
fax: (02) 9893 8333
Level 1
123 - 125 King St
Newcastle, NSW, 2300
tel: 02 4929 7494
tty: 02 4929 7975
fax: 02 4929 1404
ACT Deafness Resource Centre
(note: this is not a Deaf Society but is placed here for information.)
Grant Cameron Community Centre
Level 2A
27 Mulley Street
Holder ACT 2611
tel: (02) 6287 4393
tty: (02) 6287 4394
fax: (02) 6287 4395

Nominated Best Documentary Australian Teacher's of Media Awards 2006
Nominated for Best Documentary Australian Film Institute Awards 2006
Voted Most Popular Documentary Real Life on Film Festival Melbourne 2006

Where to buy

360 Degree Films
GPO Box 2009
Darwin NT 0800
tel: +61 4 1853 0550
Media Release
Bethany and Scott are two ordinary teenagers who
live in the extraordinary world of the deaf.

Singing Nomads Productions in association with SBS Independent presents

(Sign Language) is, in the hands of its masters, a most beautiful and expressive language. It is impossible for those who do not understand it to comprehend its possibilities with the deaf, its powerful influence on the moral and social happiness of those deprived of hearing, and its wonderful power of carrying thought to intellects, which would otherwise be in perpetual darkness. Nor can they appreciate the hold it has upon the deaf. So long as there are two deaf people upon the face of the earth and they get together, so long will signs be used.
- J. Schuyler Long, Head Teacher, Iowa School for the Deaf, The Sign Language (1910)
WELCOME 2 MY DEAF WORLD is an hour long documentary that follows two teenagers on the brink of adulthood, facing exams, playing footy, attending parties, and leaving the safety of the Victorian College for the Deaf.
At the start of the project filmmaker Helen Gaynor had never encountered Deaf Culture and knew no Auslan (Australian Sign Language). "Prior to becoming involved in this project, I knew nothing about the deaf world and had never met any of its' members. It unfolded into a landscape of great complexity." After following around two Deaf teenagers, Scott and Bethany over a period of eight months, Gaynor developed a deeper understanding of what the hearing world looks like to an outsider and more over what it means to be a teenager today.
Hearing people don't know how lucky they are to have a full complement of senses. Because I'm very friendly, I wish I could just go up to new people and make conversation, like "hi, how are you, where are you from?" and so on. Buy my hearing friends just don't do that. I tell them "if I was you, I'd be doing that". - Bethany Rose, 17years old
I'm happy being deaf - I don't want to hear the hearing shouting. It's peaceful my world because I can't hear all that unpleasant noise" - Scott Masterson, 19 years old
Few Australian documentaries have explored the culture or the issues facing deaf community. WELCOME 2 MY DEAF WORLD takes the audience into the world of the deaf through, Scott and Bethany, two dynamic and outgoing teenagers with stories to share.
Media, for further information please call Sally Ingleton at Singing Nomads Productions on 03 9482 1990 or 0418 530 550 or email:
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